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Rylee’s Birthday

Our oldest granddaughter, Rylee, turned 2 yesterday. It is hard to believe that 2 years have passed since God blessed us with her. It was the most amazing time for me, sitting next to my daughter, Michele, in her room that day. Becoming her mother 24 years earlier was the best day of my life, sitting next to her the day she gave birth runs neck and neck. It is hard to put into words what I felt that day, all I can come up with is tremendously blessed and in awe. God is so good! Rylee is our little fire cracker….lol. She goes from the minute she gets up to the time she lays down. She talks all the time and runs instead of walking.

Papa and Nana took her out to lunch and birthday shopping last Friday. She seemed so grown up! We ate at Texas Roadhouse and then shopped at Toys R Us. Her choices of presents were all the baby things a little girl could want. She got a high chair, a stroller and a baby carrier. Oh and a new baby. We found a diaper bag with lots of little ‘baby things’ in it. Papa put things together when we got her home. She had a blast. What a perfect little Mommy she is. I guess I should expect that since she has the perfect Mommy as an example.

I love her so much! Happy Birthday Rylee.

Shopping takes a lot of you! LOL

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