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We planned a huge workday for today………I am pooped and I didn’t do anything but run after kids all day. Keith and Matt worked in the freezing weather cleaning up all the leaves, trimming bushes and trees in our front and back yards. Brandon put new tile in the shower of our hall bath. I know they are more tired than me, but I can tell you I am exhausted. It is time for spring because the little ones are tired of being stuck in the house. They are a little limited to what they can play with because we have so much going on with trying to get our house ready to go on the market. We are about 2 weeks away from the date we set and I feel like we still have so much more to do. Keith is a little more confident than I am right now! Thank you Lord for a husband who always sees things in a positive light! I love him!
We had Rylee, Jaedyn, Emery and Liam over today and Christy and I kept them busy. They watched a Blue’s Clues and The Backyardigans movie on Nana’s bed. They mostly played with the baby stuff, read a few books and even took a few spins around the dining room table in the lego wagon! That was fun! There were a few rounds of ring around the rosie……it is so fun to watch them because they don’t hold hands, they just spin in a circle. There can be a lot of bumbing so it almost turns into ‘roller derby ring around the rose’!
Rylee is 2 1/2 and a little mother. She loves to hold Liam despite the fact that he is almost as big as her but only 3 months old. Today while she was holding him she realized he didn’t have any teeth. She was quite concerned and we had this conversation:
Rylee: Liam doesn’t have teeth
Me: No, Liam doesn’t have teeth yet, he is a baby
Rylee: We get him some
Me: Get him some? How will we do that?
Rylee: Buy’em at Walmart
I tried to explain to her they would grow in, but she stuck to that story when anyone asked where Liam would get his teeth! She is so cute!
I thought I would post a few pics of my new shower walls. Brandon does an awesome job!

Keith and Matt tore out the old tile earlier in the week and had it ready for Bradon to tile today.

Here is the world’s GREATEST tile guy at work!

Wow–it looks so much better than the 1970’s yellow gold that was in there!

And check out that fancy new soap dish!

I will also have to take some pictures of the awesome outside transformation! I never got a chance to go out there with my camera today. Tomorrrow I will post pictures of the great job that Keith and Matt did!

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