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Things I learned on our recent road trip…..

1. Rylee can say “hey Nana’ every two minutes and have a new question each time. That is approximately 120 questions during our 4 hour drive.

2. Emery has a car seat time limit..apparently it is 2 hours..however he didn’t come with instructions, so we didn’t know this until he had a melt down ( in a major way) and we had to pull over to take a rest.

3. Jaedyn is the youngest and proved to be the quietest on this trip…..well, until we were headed home on Sunday….she did a singing cry type thing for about the first 20 minutes in her loudest little voice. We were never real sure what she was saying…..she finally fell asleep.

4. Michele can still fit in the tunnel tubes in the play park at Burger King.

5. Keith and I have a new respect for anyone with multiple children in a close age range!

6. In addition, the main reason a 3 year would want to attend a wedding is to have cake….note to self, don’t forget to get her the cake after you have talked about it. She will ask about it at least 10 times during your trip home!

7. Post it notes, stickers and crayons are a Nana’s life saver!

We enjoyed seeing my family and joining in the celebration of Reggie and Tamara’s wedding.

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