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A lot of catching up

It has been a little while since I blogged…… much has happened let’s see if I can catch up!
1.Keith and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary with a trip to a spa is Bedford Springs, PA. It was absolutely the most beautiful place we have ever been. The trip was a gift from our friends! It was a blessing indeed! Keith played a round of golf on what he believes to be the most beautiful golf course he has ever played.
We both enjoyed massages and there was this whole ‘ritual’ you can do prior to the massage where you shower, sit in the sauna, enjoy the whirlpool and then relax in the sun room. It was very nice! I also able to enjoy a facial…..I think this is my new addiction! We ate some of the best food we have ever eaten… the crab cakes were awesome. It rained the whole time we were there, so we didn’t venture outdoors, but there was so much to see inside that it didn’t bother us. We have decided that this is a place we will definitely visit again!

2. I am enjoying the change of seasons….I love it when the weather cools down and the leaves change colors. It always makes me feel like I need to make soup, snuggle down on the couch and watch a great movie. We have a fire place in our new house and I am ready to enjoy it….so bring on the cold weather!

3. We are enjoying a new series of messages at church….Just Ask. It is an awesome series that comes from 1Chronicles 4:9,10….the prayer of Jabez. He asked God to bless him……and God did. God wants to bless us….beyond what we could ever imagine….and we are to ask him for it. Understand that God wants to bless you, ask Him to bless you and allow yourself to be blessable! He also wants to enlarge our territory, give us more responsibility, more influence…..I want to be blessed indeed….I want my territory enlarged! So bring it on!

4. We enjoyed watching our friend’s children this weekend so they could enjoy a night away. We are happy to know that we are helping to grow a marriage relationship! The kids were so cute and did really well with us. Izze was a little shy of Keith, but that only lasted about 5 minutes, then they were building train tracks and having long conversations. She is quite the talker! Ian was very bashful and leery of our little dog Molly. However, by Saturday I found him sitting on the floor petting her. It was fun and we hope to be able to do it again!

If you haven’t taken time out to spend quality time with your spouse, I encourage you to do so! It is so important to invest in your marriage……there are huge dividends!

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