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Smells of Christmas Past

I love this weather, the all day fog with a mist in the air, and of course the somewhat warmer temperature. When I stepped out of the office and into the evening air, the smell brought back a Christmas memory.
There was a Monastery of Poor Clare Nuns in the town we lived in when I was a kid. My Dad helped out doing ‘odd jobs’, like mending fences, mowing the grass and any other ‘odd job’ that needed to be done. They were a big part of our lives when I was growing up. Each year at Christmas time they would have a live Nativity that the whole town would come out to see. There were always live animals; donkeys, sheep and even a cow, sometimes even a pig. My brother and I were always a part of it, he was a shepherd and I was an angel. I secretly always wanted to be Mary, but those Nuns must of thought I made a great angel. I loved being a part of that scene every year and as I got older I was allowed to have more shifts! Tonight when I left my office headed to my car, the smell in the air brought that memory back to me. I could see me standing on a bail of hay behind the ‘baby Jesus’ with my arms in the normal angelic pose, smiling as the people walked by. Later the Monastery’s building and land were bought by the government and the Nuns relocated to Brenham, Texas where they now raise miniature horses. I came home and googled them and am going to email to find out if they still do the live Nativity…….if so, I see a trip to Brenham, Texas in my future!

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