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Basketball and Chilis

Keith and I went to a high school basketball game with several friends last night to watch their daughter play. I am not a huge basketball fan, probably because I really don’t understand it. I asked questions a few times, but then her mom just started telling me what happened. 🙂 I did start to understand a little more as the game went on and had a great time. I look forward to going again. Their team didn’t win, but hey, they played hard and my friend can yell like no other. She is very passionate about her daughters game! After the game they had to work the concession stand during the boys game, so we left to go have dinner at Chilis with the rest of the gang. We enjoyed some awesome ‘friend’ time and the chicken enchilada soup was great!

Keith and I came home and tried to catch up on missed TV (thanks to DVR) but we were both too tired and decided to call it a night. I slept in until 8:30…this is oh so late for me…but I needed to rest. Last weeks trip wore me out!

I am glad the weather is going to be nice today, I am hoping our driveway will melt away and it would be nice to take the dog out for a walk.

Keith is challenging me to a tennis match on Wii, so off I go….

Enjoy your weekend…have a blessed time with your family and friends!

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