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Emery’s haircut

I took Emery to get a haircut…it’s not his favorite thing to do. Mommy and Papa have both had turns, so I figured it was my turn to try. I decided a little bribery was in order, so I promised him a toy of his choice if he got his haircut. I took him to Wal-mart—one stop shopping—toy picking, hair cut and McDonalds! Ha! We went to the salon first and ‘checked it out’…he cooperated with the ‘walk through’. So, off we went to the toy department to pick out a toy. He said he wanted a choo-choo. After a few minutes he settled on Billy from Thomas the Train and off we went to get the hair cut. We had a few minutes to spare, so we watched several people sit in the chair and get their hair cut….I was hoping this would show him, it wasn’t a bad thing. 30 minutes later it was our turn….and no way was he gonna sit in that chair…..he started to cry and was hanging on to me, but I reminded him if he didn’t get his hair cut then he would have to take his train back and put it on the shelf…..he settled down and then after a few minutes of talking agreed to sit on my lap….hey whatever it takes! I made a big deal about the animals on his cape and that mine was plain and not as much fun. We talked through the whole thing, and he even watched occasionally in the mirror….he did the sideways look when I told him Laurie, the lady cutting his hair, had pink hair. (hot pink) Anyway, he did warm up to the whole thing and did very well. Laurie gave him a certificate for being brave and courageous and off we went to pay for the toy, oh and he wanted a pack of gum—like I said earlier….bribery…hey it works! Since he was sitting in my lap for the cut I didn’t get any pictures until we sat to eat at McDonalds….he was very goofy by then!

Patiently waiting!

Being goofy at ‘Donalds’!

He was very proud of his certificate!

He winked at me after I winked at him!

I really enjoyed the whole evening with Emery….

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