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Michele’s Happy (very eventful) Birthday

This was the year for Michele…Brandon pulled off a surprise skating party for her with her closest friends and Keith and I managed to get her favorite cousin, Ami’, in town with out her knowing. It’s not very often you can get a surprise by her….she always figures it out or someone tells her. Brandon didn’t tell anyone about the skating party until about a week before and I didn’t tell anyone about Ami’ until about the same time. I told him, he told me and both of us were happy to know we were going to ‘pull off the ultimate surprise’. We did have to pull in a few extra folks the closer we got to her birthday, but they were sworn to secrecy.
I do have to tell you that the surprise of having Ami’ appearing while we were out to eat was priceless, but it was the events that followed that made the evening ‘over the top’ memorable. It was a family birthday celebration which of course included those beautiful grandbabies. After the surprise of Ami’ appearing, which involved a little bit of shrieking and hugging we settled back to enjoy the evening; the server took our drink order, we watched as Rylee heaped peanuts on Emery’s plate for him, listened to the kids chatting, when all of a sudden the calm was overtaken with a shrill..ok a shriek…and out of the corner of my eye I saw Emery, who was the cause of the shrieking, as he tried to leap over the table into his Dad’s arms, at the same time Rylee leaped over two chairs and her sister to land in my lap, as her sister, Jaedyn, tried desperately to get on my lap as well. The crying got louder and higher pitched. I was reminded of the old movie where King Kong is reeking havoc on the city and people were scrambling to get out of the way. What was causing this panic? Andy the Armadillo (it’s was kids night and we didn’t know it)! Poor Liam who was minding his own business sitting in his high chair (with his back to Andy) finally turned around to see what was causing all the hysteria and ‘wham’ he was scrambling to get out of his chair. I finally asked (I think I shouted) for someone to please ask ‘him’ to leave the area it was apparent the kids weren’t enjoying his presence. He finally turned and meandered away…and I mean like slowly. Well, the calmness of the evening was GONE. We all tried to reassure the kids that the scary critter was gone, but none of them were having it. Now we were trading children as none of them were happy and weren’t sure which lap made them feel secure. I was exhausted from passing kids around. Needless to say the adults were still laughing at the chaos that had just happened at our table. Rylee finally stood up with one foot on my chair and one on an empty chair and stretched to see if she could spot him. She tried to assure the ‘little ones’ that he was gone, but well, after a long search she spotted him. Uncle Matt assured us if Andy came close he would stop him… let’s go ahead about 15 minutes and here comes Andy and who spotted him first…yes, our ‘look-out’ Rylee. He was half way to us when she started the whole thing all over again…Uncle Matt got up and stopped the poor critter in his steps and ‘firmly’ told him the kids were scared (not sure how he didn’t hear the screaming and crying) and not to come over. Evidently the poor guy couldn’t hear very well under that costume and it took Matt a couple of times to make him understand. He meandered away again…but now the evening is DONE…no one under the age of 4 ate….except I think for Liam who decided armadillo or not, he was hungry…but the rest of them were still in shock over the whole ordeal. It was a little difficult for the adults to eat since the little ones were too ‘scared’ to sit in a chair alone, just in case Andy slipped past Uncle Matt. Honestly you would have to be there to really see the humor in this long long long blog!
The evening really was all about Michele and surprising her on her birthday with her ‘favorite’ cousin all the way from New Hampshire. We put the spotlight back on Michele when the servers hauled in the ‘saddle’ and she got to ride while they made mention (in a loud voice with a light shining on her) of it being her birthday. Not that we needed anymore attention on our end of the restaurant, but ultimately it really was all about Michele last night. I can’t believe she is 28…where has the time gone? It has been wonderful watching her grow into the person she is today. I thank God for every moment she and I share! Happy Birthday, Chele! We love you!

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