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Spring has brought about some changes……

The rain has allowed our grass ….and the weeds to grow. Seems those weeds like to come in mass quantities, but we have had them taken care of. Now we have beautiful green grass, and it seems it needs to be mowed every other day. We bought a new tree for our front yard…it’s a Chinese Panache’ and I love it. We also had a kidney bean shaped flower bed cut around it and had all the front beds ‘curbed’. It all looks very nice. This weekend I shopped ‘til I wanted to drop getting all the flowers, bushes and a few veggies to fill in all the beds. Keith and I got the front beds done yesterday, but were too tired to work on the back two. I hope to get them done in the evenings this week. Once it is all done and everything starts to grow and bloom it is going to be beautiful. Thank you God for spring! I love it!

Our neighbors have started attending PC and their daughter was baptized on Sunday…..the best thing about it was that Keith was able to baptize her, and she was so excited when she found out he would be the one to do it. We really enjoy this family.

Keith and I are going on our first ‘real vacation’ since we became empty nesters! Woot Woot. We have taken a lot of weekend trips and a few mini vacations, but have never taken a week off just for us. So, here we go, off to enjoy ourselves with a week of pampering, shopping and relaxation…no one to visit or entertain, just the two of us..I will be sure to let you know all about it when we get back.

On a personal note:

Several months ago a friend blogged about letting go of your tumor, that thing in life that holds you back from having complete freedom in God’s love and forgiveness….I remember thinking what a great blog, but it didn’t really apply to me because I didn’t have a ‘tumor’. LOL…..Well, I did and it was a pretty large lump! That blog put me on the road to healing, made me realize I did have things I needed to ‘put down’. God has helped me put the past hurts and failures behind me…I refuse to be a victim any longer. In the course of this ‘tumor removal’ I have heard messages, read devotions and even heard songs that talked about putting your past behind you and moving forward. Much like Lot’s wife I would start walking, but then turn and look back which in her case was a pillar of a problem! But, what it did in my life was halt my spiritual forward progress and tie God’s hands. Once I made the decision to not allow my past to dictate who I was and where I was headed and decided to allow my path to only be forward in God’s plan for me, it has been amazing! Now when I look in the mirror I like what I see! On Easter Sunday, in the last experience in our old auditorium I found my seat and sat down. As soon as I sat down I felt compelled to put on my seat belt…..almost like I had just sat in the car. It was a weird sensation, and I kind of laughed at myself and thought I was having an ‘old age moment’. But, as I sat there thinking what a crazy person I was, I felt this still small voice say “fasten your seat belt”. Part of me wanted to brush it off, but all through the message I kept thinking back on it and decided God was telling me to buckle up….the best is yet to come! I have allowed myself to live in my past for so long, to hold onto a victim mentality that I can almost picture God breathing a sigh of relief and that is why I need to fasten my seat belt….He is going to pour out all I have been missing out on. Well, this old gal is ready….I will not look back….I will not allow the enemy to have a stronghold on my life any longer….I am determined to live my life as God intended me to. I will enjoy it everyday and stand firm on the belief that ‘the best is yet to come’.

Thank you, ‘friend’ for sharing your story of healing from a past failure…..I appreciate you more than you realize….muah!

In the meantime, if you have something that is holding you back from receiving everything God has for you, I encourage you to put it down and never look back. God never intended for us to live a life of feeling ‘less than’ and He has great plans for you. So, today I say move forward in the great life God has for you! Be the awesome woman of God He has designed you to be! That’s my choice and I won’t settle for less!

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