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The Latest Scoop

Wow, it’s been a while since I last blogged…..I thought this time of year was suppose to be uneventful and relaxing. Mmmmmm, we’ve been busy and seem to run from here to there! So much for uneventful and relaxing!

Let’s see….where do I start:

I fainted in a restaurant parking lot while out to lunch with co-workers, fell on my face and spent a night in the hospital back in mid-June. After a nights worth of testing I know I didn’t have a stroke, a heart attack and I’m not pregnant! (woot woot on the not being pregnant) :-)I am a medical mystery, but most of you already know that. Oh, for those who saw me, as bad as it looked, I didn’t fracture my cheek bone either! Thank God! Anyway, I am fine, but still doing some further testing. No worries on this end…God are my Healer!

Keith and I got away the following weekend and enjoyed a stay at the Waterford. Both of us needed some down time. Keith even managed to fit in a massage and I got a pedicure. Didn’t do much of anything but relax, shopped a little and we ate at Cheesecake Factory…it was very good. We even split a piece of some scrumptious Chocolate Coconut Cream cheesecake. Yum

I took a business-shopping trip to Dallas and visited ‘all’ of the party stores in the area….well, it seemed like all of them. It was great to get out and get a feel of what the department is all about. I am excited to be learning a new part of our buying department. Scrapbooking will always be near and dear to my heart!!!

Rylee, our oldest grandchild, turned 4 on the 1st of July. Keith and I can’t believe she is already 4; she is really very grown up. We took her out to eat and shopping for her birthday. She choose McDonald’s, (Keith was disappointed-LOL) but she didn’t want to play because she knew we were going shopping. She is a true female! We told her she could get a pair of shoes and a new outfit. She asked if they could have ‘sparkleys’ on them. Again, true female….don’t we all like a little bling! We did find some flip flops with glitter that she loved and 2 cute little sundresses. We enjoyed some ice cream, picked up a movie (Cinderella) and went home and enjoyed some popcorn. It was a great evening!

We enjoyed the 4th of July with Matt and his family at our house with a cookout and some fireworks. We live in Mustang and everyone does fireworks, so we didn’t spend a dime, but enjoyed a great show. Michele and her family went to the lake and enjoyed their 4th with Brandon’s family. Emery and Liam didn’t like the ‘fire crackers’ so Christy and I watched through the window with them. Our neighborhood was pop-pop-popping and a haze of smoke hung over it, probably why the boys were a little scared!

I think I have found a new hair person (really what do you call them). I have my first appointment with her on Saturday. Definitely time for a haircut and this time, I will get her cell phone just in case she ‘disappears into the night’ like the last girl!

Keith and I are planning our 25th wedding anniversary vow renewal and enjoying it. A friend designed our invitations (I haven’t seen them yet) and if they are anything like the other things she has done, they will be SPECTACULAR. I have a few things left to do, create centerpieces, wrap candy bars, bag up some M&M’s, have our dresses altered and get the guy’s tuxedos rented. Not stressing yet…..hopefully I won’t!

Well, I think that should have everyone up to speed. I have some new recipes that I want to share and will try to get those posted tomorrow.

Have a blessed week!

One thought on “The Latest Scoop

  1. Ahhh glad you're back! 🙂
    So good to hear that your health is okay!
    Loved hearing about the Birthday date with Rylee-how fun!
    Looking forward to the wedding. Congratulation on 25 years and makin' it look so good!!


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