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My Fantastic Family!

Look what God gave me……

Christy is Matt’s beautiful wife and is a great blessing to our family. She is sweet and gentle…adores her husband and loves being a mommy to their two sons, Emery and Liam.

Matt is our youngest child–Christy’s handsome husband, I have enjoyed watching him grow into a great man, husband and daddy.

Emery is our second oldest grandchild and loves monster trucks. He has one in his hand and carried it the entire photo shoot. 🙂

Liam is our youngest grandchild and loves cars and trucks that are animated.

Brandon is Michele’s wonderful husband and is a blessing to our family. He adores Michele and is the best daddy to his beautiful daughters, Rylee and Jaedyn.

Michele is our oldest child..Brandon’s beautiful wife. She has a beautiful giving heart and loves being a wife and mommy.

Rylee is our oldest grandchild and her favorite thing right now is having a purse with make up in it.

Jaedyn is our third grandchild and loves to sing. She is always singing.

Last, but most certainly not least, Keith…Matt and Michele’s Dad….and my smokin’ hot husband of 25 years. I love him and we are having the time of our lives……

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