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Weekend Recap

Oh happy weekend….I love spending time with my baby sister!  We have lived on different sides of  the map for most of our adult lives and make the best of every moment we get together.  This trip was no different. 
We arrived on Thursday night…happy times when I walked off the plane and saw her waiting for me! Let the talking begin!  How many things can we talk about in a 15 minute walk/shuttle ride to the rental car? Ohhhh, about 50! We were already cutting up, laughing and talking…I think the rental agent thought we were nuts!  But, hey it was late..10:30 pm and we had both been up since 4 am.  Off to the hotel and more talking…I think we collapsed around 12:30…but we were up by 7!  We only had 2 days and so much to do!

We shopped, antiqued, walked, talked, drank coffee, sipped tea, snacked, got pedis, and even went to the cemetery to take flowers to our Dad’s grave. He passed away in 2003 and I had never been!  We had his memorial in Texas where he lived at the time of his death and his wife took him to Michigan to be buried. While I know he isn’t there, I liked being able to take flowers, have a little chat and most of all sharing that moment with my sister. He is greatly missed.

We had so much fun that when I got home and was telling Keith about our weekend, I realized that we did so much of everything except eating!  We would eat breakfast at the hotel in the morning and then have one meal in the late afternoon!  Best diet plan I know! 

I am already looking forward to the next visit….



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