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One of my daily devotions in YouVersion is Rick Warren’s What on Earth Am I Here For. Clicking on that link will take you to his online daily devotion, but it is the same thing that was shared in YouVersion.
This morning some of the things I had been pondering over the last few months and weeks were addressed and my heart was encouraged.  

I’m not anxious about what God has planned, but just like everyone else, I’m curious, always wanting to know what is next.  I’ve thought about Moses, Ruth, Esther and David a lot over these last few months…were they forever asking questions of God…well, yes they were.  Did it hurry God’s plan…not one second!  It’s His plan…and He will bring it about in his time!

What am I here for?  To live each day for Him, to write blogs that encourage, to serve at my church, to worship Him daily, to love my husband and family, to do the job that he set before me…..this list goes on and on. 

Today I will dwell on where I am  and what I can do in this moment, on this day and not worry about what tomorrow holds.  

I may not know what tomorrow holds, but I know Who holds it!  Woot Woot..yep that’s and oldie, but goodie!  Had to say it.

Anyway, I thought his devotion was very good,  it encouraged me and I thought it might encourage you! 

Have a happy hump daayy!


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