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Happy Birthday Dee!

Today we celebrate my sister Dolores. It’s her birthday! Dee is the 3rd born in our family of 5 kids, the 2nd sister..almost the oldest..but not quite!!  I won’t tell you how old she is, but she was born in ’63…you do the math!
It’s funny how when I was a kid being the oldest sister spoke power and authority, but now that we are older, it’s just a number! And a big one at that!  
My sister is Mom to Kent, a Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Grandma and Friend.  She has a sweet heart and loves all those that she calls family and friends.  She is loving, kind and very independent! 

She has a dog named Willie..he’s part Golden Retriever and something else…not sure what, but it all makes for a great dog.  She says he thinks he’s human, but I think he knows he’s a dog and is worried about her lack of reality! She talks to him like he’s one of her children…says he understands her every word. But in reality, we all know he hears ‘wah, wah, wah’.  He has the wags of his tail and the tilt of his head down to perfect timing….makes her think he knows exactly what she is saying… Good dog, Willie!
Dee recently completed Medical Assistant school.  Woot Woot!  It’s been a lot of work and not always easy, but she never gave up.  Most mornings Keith and I received a text reminding us to pray for her. It was always followed up with news of good  test scores & higher class average. This season of her life helped her realize God does take care of her in all circumstances and she is smarter than she believes.  We are so proud of her! 

We don’t live close, so we appreciate social media, phones calls and texts that allow us to stay in touch. We are excited to see where God takes her from here.  His plans are always great! 

Happy Birthday Dee!
We love you so much!

Babe & Keith

P.S. Molly says to tell Willie Hi—wah wah wah!

P. P. S. I would post a picture of Dee…but who has one….crazy, but I searched and couldn’t find one. Even crazier, her Facebook photos are all of Willie!

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