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Happy National Play-doh Day!

Today is National Playdoh day! 


I mean who doesn’t enjoy playing with some 
Play- doh? 

I did some ‘googling’ and found that Play doh was invented in 1956 by Noah and Joseph McVicker.

Not only is it vintage, but it has also been inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame!

Here is what I found on the Hall of Fame site:
‘Play-Doh modeling compound started out as wallpaper cleaner. Joe McVicker learned from a teacher that kids usually found modeling clay too hard to manipulate. Discovering that the squishy cleaning product he manufactured could substitute, McVicker shipped some to the school. After teachers and kids raved, he offered to supply the product to all Cincinnati schools. More rave reviews followed. McVicker showcased the modeling clay at a national education convention in 1955, and word spread to Macy’s and Marshall Field’s. By 1956, the wallpaper cleaner had become Play-Doh. A year later, the manufacturer offered a softer Play-Doh in primary colors. Kids mixed these to make other colors, ending inevitably in brown. Captain Kangaroo endorsed Play-Doh, and so did Miss Frances from Ding Dong School. Play-Doh Pete appeared on product cans in 1960. The Fun Factory let kids extrude the material into interesting shapes, making mock hair, colorful spaghetti, and pretend ice cream that wouldn’t melt. In the 1980s, Play-Doh expanded its palette to eight colors.

Later versions sparkled with glitter, glowed in the dark, or smelled like shaving cream. Recent estimates say that kids have played with 

700 million pounds of Play-Doh.’
I say grab you some Play-doh and find your inner child today!

If you don’t have Play-doh, try making it at home…my recipe is easy and smells good, too!

This is a recipe I made when I taught pre-school about 20 years ago!  I’ve made it a few times since then and it is always a hit.  

Koolaid Play-doh
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 salt
2 packages of your favorite koolaid
1 Tblsp Alum

Bring 2 cups of water to boil; stir in 2 Tblsp of vegetable oil and pour over flour mixture.  Stir until mixed, then  pour onto floured counter and knead until smooth…it’s warm, but manageable! I have stored it in an air tight container or a ziplock baggie, both work well.

(To be politically correct, this is ‘molding stuff’, not play-doh or I guess I could call it ‘playdough’!)
Let’s all celebrate this national past-time by creating something with our Play-doh today!  I’d love to see your pictures! 

Have fun channeling your inner child!


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