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My husband of 30 years….

He’s pretty much the sexiest guy in the world. Roll your eyes if you want, but it’s the truth!

He loves me more than I ever thought I could be loved.

He is my favorite barista.

He loves the Lord….this is his best quality….a true man, in my opinion.

He has a heart to serve God and people.

He is my favorite sous chef.

He is the greatest example of patience.

He is the best ever omelette maker.

He pushes me to be my best.

He loves me even at my worst.

He gives the best hugs.

He is my personal creepy bug killer…and my favorite fly whisperer.

He is my personal foot masseuse

He has excellent taste in women!

He did an awesome job raising our children, they are blessed to have him as their Dad.

He is the best kisser.

He believes in me, in us and in our family.

He looks great fabulous for a man of his age!

He has an incredible family who shaped him into the husband and follower of Christ he is today. (Thank you Chandler, Webb, Robbins and Dunavent families)

He values the friends in his life.

He loves my family!

He makes my heart flutter.

He extends grace to me……..all day, every day.

He is my best friend.

He is a great listener, wise, and always the voice of reason. Although I do frown at that quality sometimes!

He still holds my hand….and often.

He is an amazing Papa and our lil people love him

He is my prayer partner.

He is my favorite sidekick for party decorating and an expert in hanging balloons, streamers and whatever else I need hung from our ceiling. 

He is my Prince Charming & my Once in a Lifetime!

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary to the
marshmallow creme on my banana split! 

I look back over these last 30 years and smile at all the memories we have made.  I look ahead at the next 30 years and smile at the yet to be realized dreams that await us! I love dreaming with you!

I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else! 

Thank you for loving me!

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary!

Love you Always & Forever!


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