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My Social Media Break….

Taking the last few weeks off from all things social media related has been eye opening for me! 

It wasn’t difficult to stop browsing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter….what was difficult was when I realized how much of my day was taken up by it!  My first few days were long (boring) and I spent of lot of time wandering around not sure what to do.  It made me nuts when I realized that hours, not minutes, were used browsing through what everyone was doing in their day.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a social person and love interaction, but seriously….social media and the way I was using it was a total waste of my time.

It didn’t take too many days for me to begin filling my browsing time with more meaningful things.
What I did to fill my time:

  • Keith and I talked more…laughed a lot and spent an amazing amount of time together.
  • I realized some of my old passions…creating things…decorating…re-purposing. 
  • I found my bible…the one that is printed and bound with pleather.  I loved reading from it…even grabbed several different versions we have and compared scripture/words, etc…old school YouVersion!
  • I realized that I was caught up in what others think of me….I was posting to impress.  How many likes or comments can I get?  (sad, I know)
  • In my quiet time I came to realize that the dream I have hung onto for years was my dream and not Gods!  That is amazingly freeing for me.  I feel like a weight has been lifted. Now I am seeking, stepping out and dreaming again, expecting that God will be able to speak to me now that I am listening.  
  • I have more margin in my life to do the things I enjoy. To have time~quality time~for all the things in my life and still have me time. 
  • I enjoy my coffee on the couch in the morning, in my comfy robe and don’t feel like I have post it on Facebook.  Ha ha
I won’t be tracking my whereabouts or life, like Where’s Waldo,  on Facebook anymore, but I will be on there, so let’s keep in touch.
I have decided to keep my social media accounts because they are a good way to stay connected, but they aren’t priority for me anymore. 

This Blog is my heart and I will continue to keep posting here…it’s going to change a little, but change is good.

What are your thoughts on social media and the attention you give to it?  Do you find yourself lost in it? Have you stepped away from it for a while? Was it good? Bad? Did is make a difference in your life?

I really want to hear from you…..

Staying busy!


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