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Farewell 2014….

It’s our final day of 2014….my mind is having a hard time with this.  The time seems to be flying even faster now that we are in 21st century. Or maybe it’s because I have crossed the 50 yard line, either way, it’s flying by. 

‘They’ say time flies when you are having fun….maybe I have been having more fun these last 14 years!  Whatever the reason, 2014 is ending and I look forward to what 2015 has for me. 

I have already set some goals…no resolutions, only goals.  One of those goals is to read through the bible…I have never done this….God bless you if you have! There are books that always stall me, like Numbers. This book is impossible for me to get through.  I know there is well meaning and necessary information in that book, but I typically call it quits when I get there. There are times when I have skipped past it…and somewhere else along the way, I quit. But this year, I am determined. 

After making this decision I started looking for ways to actually get it done.  I found many suggestions for bible reading plans, but the Chronological Bible peaked my interest. It is set up in 15 minute daily readings that take you through the bible in the order the events actually happened. No more being stuck in the book of Numbers reading mindlessly. I purchased one in the NLT, because I like the way this version reads. I am excited to get started tomorrow and believe this is an attainable goal. 

I have a few other goals, but this is the one I want to be held accountable for.  Actually I think if you set too many goals you are more likely to fail, so I have limited my goals to under 5. The others are join a community group, start a small business, get in better physical shape and spend quality time with my family. 

Do you set goals?  I would love to hear what they are.

Wishing you a blessed and prosperous New Year!


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