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My Social Media Break….

Taking the last few weeks off from all things social media related has been eye opening for me! 

It wasn’t difficult to stop browsing Facebook, Instagram and Twitter….what was difficult was when I realized how much of my day was taken up by it!  My first few days were long (boring) and I spent of lot of time wandering around not sure what to do.  It made me nuts when I realized that hours, not minutes, were used browsing through what everyone was doing in their day.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a social person and love interaction, but seriously….social media and the way I was using it was a total waste of my time.

It didn’t take too many days for me to begin filling my browsing time with more meaningful things.
What I did to fill my time:

  • Keith and I talked more…laughed a lot and spent an amazing amount of time together.
  • I realized some of my old passions…creating things…decorating…re-purposing. 
  • I found my bible…the one that is printed and bound with pleather.  I loved reading from it…even grabbed several different versions we have and compared scripture/words, etc…old school YouVersion!
  • I realized that I was caught up in what others think of me….I was posting to impress.  How many likes or comments can I get?  (sad, I know)
  • In my quiet time I came to realize that the dream I have hung onto for years was my dream and not Gods!  That is amazingly freeing for me.  I feel like a weight has been lifted. Now I am seeking, stepping out and dreaming again, expecting that God will be able to speak to me now that I am listening.  
  • I have more margin in my life to do the things I enjoy. To have time~quality time~for all the things in my life and still have me time. 
  • I enjoy my coffee on the couch in the morning, in my comfy robe and don’t feel like I have post it on Facebook.  Ha ha
I won’t be tracking my whereabouts or life, like Where’s Waldo,  on Facebook anymore, but I will be on there, so let’s keep in touch.
I have decided to keep my social media accounts because they are a good way to stay connected, but they aren’t priority for me anymore. 

This Blog is my heart and I will continue to keep posting here…it’s going to change a little, but change is good.

What are your thoughts on social media and the attention you give to it?  Do you find yourself lost in it? Have you stepped away from it for a while? Was it good? Bad? Did is make a difference in your life?

I really want to hear from you…..

Staying busy!

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I’m still here….

Keith and I had a fantastic time on our anniversary trip to Galveston Island. Did I mention we’ve been married for 30 years?  I know, crazy! It was so relaxing and we found ourselves very busy with all there was to see & do. We spent time on the beach, shopping, eating and got into the fun of the Shrimp Festival on The Strand. 

Right now I am taking a break from all things technology! No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or blogging.  Honestly the only thing in all of those I truly miss is this…my blog.

I am focusing on God, Keith and me for a little while…it’s been good and I’ve got lots to share.

Hang tight…
I’ll be back soon….


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My husband of 30 years….

He’s pretty much the sexiest guy in the world. Roll your eyes if you want, but it’s the truth!

He loves me more than I ever thought I could be loved.

He is my favorite barista.

He loves the Lord….this is his best quality….a true man, in my opinion.

He has a heart to serve God and people.

He is my favorite sous chef.

He is the greatest example of patience.

He is the best ever omelette maker.

He pushes me to be my best.

He loves me even at my worst.

He gives the best hugs.

He is my personal creepy bug killer…and my favorite fly whisperer.

He is my personal foot masseuse

He has excellent taste in women!

He did an awesome job raising our children, they are blessed to have him as their Dad.

He is the best kisser.

He believes in me, in us and in our family.

He looks great fabulous for a man of his age!

He has an incredible family who shaped him into the husband and follower of Christ he is today. (Thank you Chandler, Webb, Robbins and Dunavent families)

He values the friends in his life.

He loves my family!

He makes my heart flutter.

He extends grace to me……..all day, every day.

He is my best friend.

He is a great listener, wise, and always the voice of reason. Although I do frown at that quality sometimes!

He still holds my hand….and often.

He is an amazing Papa and our lil people love him

He is my prayer partner.

He is my favorite sidekick for party decorating and an expert in hanging balloons, streamers and whatever else I need hung from our ceiling. 

He is my Prince Charming & my Once in a Lifetime!

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary to the
marshmallow creme on my banana split! 

I look back over these last 30 years and smile at all the memories we have made.  I look ahead at the next 30 years and smile at the yet to be realized dreams that await us! I love dreaming with you!

I wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else! 

Thank you for loving me!

Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary!

Love you Always & Forever!


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Ahoy Me Mateys!

Ahoy Matey!

Happy Friday…..Arrrr! It’s talk like a Pirate Day! 

Shiver me timbers! This Beauty is doing the Friday happy Hornpipe!
Yo ho ho, me Hearty and I, with our lil Lads, will weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen for a night on t’ town.
Me Heartie is a Old Salt and and really knows how to weigh the anchor and hoist the mizzen! 
Don’t be a lubber, be smartly, grab the treasure map and find ye some plunder! 
Hope ye weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen for a fun weekend with all your Lads and Lassies!

Yo Ho Ho!
The Old Salt’s Beauty!

For those who don’t speak Pirate…here is a translation~

Happy Friday….Hey..It’s talk like a Pirate Day!

Woot Woot, this lady is doing the Friday Happy Dance!

Hee-Hee, Keith and I are taking our lil guys out for a date tonight…

Keith is pretty awesome on a date night!

Don’t sit around and do nothing, get out and find you some treasure with your friends!

Yo Ho Ho!

Keith’s Lady!


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Happy National Play-doh Day!

Today is National Playdoh day! 


I mean who doesn’t enjoy playing with some 
Play- doh? 

I did some ‘googling’ and found that Play doh was invented in 1956 by Noah and Joseph McVicker.

Not only is it vintage, but it has also been inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame!

Here is what I found on the Hall of Fame site:
‘Play-Doh modeling compound started out as wallpaper cleaner. Joe McVicker learned from a teacher that kids usually found modeling clay too hard to manipulate. Discovering that the squishy cleaning product he manufactured could substitute, McVicker shipped some to the school. After teachers and kids raved, he offered to supply the product to all Cincinnati schools. More rave reviews followed. McVicker showcased the modeling clay at a national education convention in 1955, and word spread to Macy’s and Marshall Field’s. By 1956, the wallpaper cleaner had become Play-Doh. A year later, the manufacturer offered a softer Play-Doh in primary colors. Kids mixed these to make other colors, ending inevitably in brown. Captain Kangaroo endorsed Play-Doh, and so did Miss Frances from Ding Dong School. Play-Doh Pete appeared on product cans in 1960. The Fun Factory let kids extrude the material into interesting shapes, making mock hair, colorful spaghetti, and pretend ice cream that wouldn’t melt. In the 1980s, Play-Doh expanded its palette to eight colors.

Later versions sparkled with glitter, glowed in the dark, or smelled like shaving cream. Recent estimates say that kids have played with 

700 million pounds of Play-Doh.’
I say grab you some Play-doh and find your inner child today!

If you don’t have Play-doh, try making it at home…my recipe is easy and smells good, too!

This is a recipe I made when I taught pre-school about 20 years ago!  I’ve made it a few times since then and it is always a hit.  

Koolaid Play-doh
2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 salt
2 packages of your favorite koolaid
1 Tblsp Alum

Bring 2 cups of water to boil; stir in 2 Tblsp of vegetable oil and pour over flour mixture.  Stir until mixed, then  pour onto floured counter and knead until smooth…it’s warm, but manageable! I have stored it in an air tight container or a ziplock baggie, both work well.

(To be politically correct, this is ‘molding stuff’, not play-doh or I guess I could call it ‘playdough’!)
Let’s all celebrate this national past-time by creating something with our Play-doh today!  I’d love to see your pictures! 

Have fun channeling your inner child!

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Act A Fool….

To stop acting rationally and start acting foolishly; to go nuts….(urban dictionary)
This is what happens to you when you decide to make a ‘quick’ trip to the grocery store and take them home….on your lunch hour.  *hour*

First thing you encounter…you can’t find the main item you came for. You scour the freezer doors and come up empty.  On the 100th time through the same section you have looked at a bazillion times, you find it. Of course, that has taken 15 minutes and now you are a little irritated at yourself.

Next you decide to go all the way to the back of the store working towards the front…this will be quicker, you might make up some of the 15 minutes you wasted in the freezer section.  

Whew…you’ve made it to the front and even made up a few minutes….you scan your list….nope you forgot the chips…so you have to go ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK OF THE STORE FOR THEM. Yep, you are really irritated at yourself now and mumbling under your breath about ‘why in the world would you think this was a good idea’. 

You grab the chips, and you are now sprinting to the register…you want to self check, but you have produce and that is a pain the neck in the self check out, so let’s save time and more frustration and go to Quick Check, 20 items or less…after all you’ve only got 15 items.  Off you go, passing people who are clearly not on their lunch hour.  You get to the check out and there is only one open, you jump in line with only 2 people in front of you.  Woot Woot! 

Now you are waiting your turn, patiently…okay maybe not, but you are trying…only to discover the guy in front of you wants to purchase a bajillion sodas for the price you can get them at another store…conversation is happening between him and the checker…you are thinking to yourself, go buy them at the other store…why are you here arguing with the checker…on my lunch hour.  

Finally, he checks out his items (by the way, he had more than 20) and it’s your turn.  You look at the time…you’ve got 20 minutes to run them home and get back to work…you are going to need a car that has wings for that to happen.  But, you are checking out, so you are a little happier now. You are seeing progress…

You are in the car, pulling out, heading home and….you hit every red light, and get behind someone who is clearly not on their lunch hour and trying to get groceries home and get back to work….you arrive home…grab all 5 bags and run into the house…your husband is home for lunch, smiling, he says he’s happy he got to see you before he had to head back to work–he kisses you. Your Mom is there, she’s happy to see you, surprised, she didn’t know you were going to run home….

You are ranting, moving faster than the speed of light, reliving your entire last hour in a loud and speedy voice…your husband smiles, kisses you goodbye on his way out the door. (he’s been married to you for 30 years….he knows you…he understands…he is able to smile and walk away quietly)  Your mom is saying, ‘honey, I’ll put those away for you’, but you’re far too irritated to listen and keep running back and forth, talking the whole time about the guy and his sodas and why was he there buying them when he could have bought them at the store they were cheaper at…why does the freezer section have to be so large and couldn’t there have been a more convenient place to have the frozen meatballs you spent forever looking for…..whew, you’re done…everything is put away…your Mom is still talking calmly, but you have no idea what she is saying ‘cuz now you are in full blown “Act a Fool’ mode…you say, sorry I’ve got to run and you are gone.

On the drive back to work you think to yourself…’Self, why did you think that would go quickly and smoothly?’…then you laugh at your husband and your mother and apologize for acting like a fool.

And…..then share this with all the people in your life who think you are always calm, cool & collected! 

I don’t have it altogether (clearly)…I sometimes (maybe more like often) act a fool…..

Moral of this little story….don’t run to the grocery store on your lunch hour for more than one thing! 

Lesson learned?

We’ll see!


“I can face things that are out of my control and not act out of control.” 
Lysa TerKeurst – Unglued