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Moments that make me smile

Last Friday our daughter and granddaughters spent the night, yay for faulty air conditioners! Rylee slept with Nana and Papa…yes, I was over-the-top happy about that.  There is going to be a day when she is ‘too old’ to do that and I take advantage of every moment til that day arrives.

We enjoyed some hammock time, I showed them my veggie garden and we spent some time catching up.  

Jaedyn played waitress and delivered up some yummy make believe food!

It was good to chat with Michele and get caught up on wedding plans and all the things we still have to do and the little amount of time we have left! (trying not to panic)

We finished out our evening with the movie Soul Surfer…their suggestion, not ours, along with several buckets of yummy buttery popcorn.  They have both seen this movie before, but Jaedyn is quite interested in the movie and Bethany’s story, so she was happy when Papa made a quick run to the video store to get it.

Saturday morning Rylee and I enjoyed some snuggle and quiet time on the couch with Molly. Molly loves when the little people visit.  We talked about a lot of things and just enjoyed some time together. I was getting up to get another cup of coffee and she asked if she could have some ‘coffee’ too.  We used to do this a few years ago when I was helping out with getting them to school. Made me smile!

I enjoyed the time we had together, but I have to say that my coffee time with Rylee is tucked away in my Nana Memories archives!

Blessed to be a Nana!


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Home Alone

Raise your hand if you had a great holiday weekend? 

Oh, Oh, pick me, pick me! 
I had a great weekend.  I had 4 days all to myself…. for some that doesn’t sound like much fun, but this lady needed some ‘me’ time!  I didn’t have to do anything for anyone except for myself…and the dog…but she is pretty much low maintenance. She only required food twice a day,trips outside to do her business and her blankets to be fluffed. I can handle that!

I had lunch with a friend, dinner with the kids, FaceTime with my sister (for several hours, everyday), cleaned out some closets & cabinets and caught up on some TV.  

I also finally got a veggie garden going!  I have wanted a garden for the last few years, but never took the time to put one in.  I found one on Pinterest that peaked my interest. My Handsome Hunk and I went to the store to get the cinder blocks and all the many bags of ‘stuff’ you need to have healthy soil.  All organic! That’s the way I wanted it.  He helped me lug the blocks & bags of ‘stuff’ around to the backyard and lay them out.  I mixed the soil and planted the plants all by myself…and the muscles in my back and arms can testify to that.

Here is my finished garden. So easy to do! I planted tomatoes, green and red peppers, strawberries, chives, basil, oregano, cilantro, parsley, mint and rosemary. I have already used some of the herbs in recipes this week and the strawberries have buds!  I am so excited.  I am already planning an expansion for next year….corn, carrots, and cucumbers! 

My weekend was quiet and relaxing…..but I was so happy when my Handsome Hunk got home.  A little bit of quiet goes a long way…

Hope your holiday weekend was all you wanted it to be!


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Dream Builder

Last night we celebrated the Dream Builders at our church….those who sew into the lives of everyone who walks through the doors of Peoples Church.

If there is one thing I have learned to do over the last 11 years, it’s how to Dream!  Not just for silly things,  those kinds of things are easy to dream about. Like the dream of  laying in a hammock on an island in the middle of nowhere, for a week or two or even three. Don’t get me wrong those things are okay to dream about, but the dream I am talking about is the dream our Pastor has poured into our hearts over the last 11 years.  A dream that involves putting self aside and using your time, talents and passions to see lives changed for Christ. He demonstrates this by his faithfulness to the call God has placed on his heart. That call involves being committed to serving in the surrounding communities of Oklahoma City. 

The first Sunday we sat under Pastor Herbert’s ministry, we knew God had brought us to that service, on that day to hear this man’s heart. We were excited to hear that his heart was to take the church outside of the 4 walls into all Oklahoma City communities to see lives changed for Christ. From a closet full of everything necessary to have church in a movie theater to 2 campuses and a 3rd launching later this summer, God has done what he promised~He is using ordinary people to do extraordinary things in order to see lives changed in our city. People from all walks of life with different gifts and talents are serving together each week to build the dream and to see more changed lives. They are the Dream Builders! 

Keith and I have never thought about being anywhere else, except right where we are…pouring our hearts into a ministry that is about serving others. We love being used by God to see others grow into a relationship with Him. We are excited to be Dream Builders.

God has a plan and we are always moving forward in it…..

Humbly His! 


“Who knows what the world may lose if you don’t continue 
forward with the plans God has for your life and 
the dreams He has placed within you.” (unknown)

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Saturday Eve

This is one of my favorite days…it’s the start of  the weekend and this one promises to be relaxing.  Our biggest plans are to finish watching the final 2 seasons of 24 because the new season begins on Monday! Oh my, we have a lot to watch….so date night (tonight) is going to be a 24 (Jack Bauer) marathon!  Ha!  We are excited for the new season and will be ‘celebrating’ and watching with some friends on Monday!  Par-tee!

My Friday Fav this week is this picture of our 25th Anniversary vow renewal 5 years ago.  I posted it for my #tbt on Instagram yesterday and the memories of that day made me smile all day long! If you did the math you realize this year we will be married 30~t.h.i.r.t.y~ years. It doesn’t seem possible! Time flies when you are having fun!  And I am pretty sure I am not old enough! I love this man and am blessed to have him in my life!

Whatever is good and perfect comes 
down to us from God our Father~
James 1:17a

Happy Saturday Eve!

Have a good one!


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Throwback Thursday

I finally had some old negatives printed..many of them are photos of my Mom and Dad’s wedding…June 23, 1956! I wanted to share one, well, I really wanted to share many more than one, but I decided that one would do!
In this photo-Grandpa and Grandma Decker, my Dad (miss him), my Mom, Grandmother and Grandfather Eberman. 
My parents look like babies!  My Dad was a week away from 20 and I think my Mom is 18.  I love~love~love her dress!  

I am going to make my Mom an album of these photos, she will be happy to see them again. The actual pictures were lost many years ago.
Okay, this weepy girl is signing off!